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Our Strategy

Social Media 

The primary service and marketing strategy the Flying Rhinos utilize is Social Media!

We offer our full team at your disposal to manage, create visuals for, and grow your social media accounts and presence- from Twitter to LinkedIn to Instagram, we provide full social media management services. With comprehensive weekly schedules, engaging graphics, and original content types, our goal is to grow your followers and community


Bridges just keep being built every day💪

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Who's ready for the @Mintbase event happening tomorrow?!

Come hang and check out their NFT Gallery😍

Meet the artists growing their creative personas on @NEARProtocol + browse the art

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With vital and various connections in the Crypto-verse, from cross chain application contacts to utilizing NFT marketplaces, our promotion strategy is unique to Web3 ad Crypto Currency.

Promotional actions the Flying Rhinos have in our repertoire include getting you and your project on podcasts, writing guest blogs for relevant applications, forging partnerships, and using our extensive network of connections to spread the word and information about your project!

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Securing Podcast Appearances


Creating and establishing a solid community is the most important component of a successful and long lived venture- whether your project is DeFi focused, on the frontier of the NFT emergence, or just beginning to develop a groundbreaking and world changing Blockchain application, community is key.

Our strategy surrounding community engagement and growth is focused around authenticity, relatable rhetoric, open and transparent processes, and ensuring easy access to communication platforms such as Telegram, Discord, and Medium. With the Flying Rhinos, we can help assess your target audience, engage directly, and grow a sustainable, passionate community from the ground up

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  • Maximizing social post engagement

  • Responding to community inquiries

  • Fielding questions and comments



  • Populating community Telegram or Discord chats

  • Ensuring announcements and news are shared

  • Communicating concepts and ideas in simple and relatable language

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  • Establishing enthusiastic community chats

  • Brainstorming community engagement avenues

  • Aiding in the production and execution of involvement initiatives, from intern programs to user testing